CycloVac Dual Voltage Hose

CycloVac Dual Voltage Hose

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This Hose is a Universal Hose and can be used with any Central Vacuum

All CycloVac Hoses have a 3year warranty

Hose for central vacuum with 110-24V electric connection, switch for electric powerhead and 24V On/Off switch which allows you to start and stop your central cleaning system as you wish. Manufactured in Canada, this high quality hose can be easily handled, for it has a 360° swivel which prevents it from twisting. It also features a slender and soft ergonomic handle for a comfortable, non-slip grip. The airflow control allows you to manually increase or reduce airflow and the button lock keeps attachments from sliding off and makes them easy to change.

    -Electric hose for central vacuum system

    -110-24V electric connexion
    -Switch for electric powerhead
    -On/Off switch for central vacuum

    • 30' (9.1m) pigtail TBOPE30C
    • 35' (10.7m) pigtail TBOPE35C
    • 30' (9.1m) direct TBODE30C
    • 35' (10.7m) direct TBODE35C

    Pricing is on 35FT Hose

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