HIZERO VACF80 4 in 1 Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner for Sweeping & Mopping

HIZERO VACF80 4 in 1
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Wet AND Dry Dual-Use

Inspired by nature, HIZERO has applied the biometric principles from animals' natural cleaning abilities for domestic use.  The 4-in-1 vacuum is able to clean up a huge variety of solid and fluid substances such as dust, grime, dirt, stubborn stains, hair, split coffee grounds, and tomato sauce with just a few simple sweeps.


Tired of cleaning the tools you bought to clean with? HIZERO's unique self-cleaning function automatically cleans itself during each session. When your floor is complete, so is the self-cleaning of HIZERO.

Enhanced Cleaning Ability

Refill HIZERO's clean water tank with tap water or warm water. If the floor you're cleaning is especially dirty, you may add specially developed HIZERO detergent for optimized cleaning results.

Easy Maintenance

Simply empty the waste water tank and discard solid waste after use. It's quick, easy, and clean.

Polymer Cleaning Roller

HIZERO's unique polymer roller head absorbs waste as it rolls across the floor. Left behind is a spotless floor with no damage and scratches.

Charing Station

HIZERO comes with its own charging station. Rest it on this station so it will always be ready for use when cleaning time arrives.

Smart Monitoring

The level of both water tanks is monitored in real time. HIZERO will automatically stop and alert the use whenever the clean water tank is empty or the waste water tank is full. In addition, HIZERO will remind the user to dispose of the waste water within eight hour after use to help avoid any odors.

Lithium-Ion Battery

Multiple protective circuits protect HIZERO's Li-Ion battery from over-charging, over-discharging, short-circuiting, and overheating ensuring excellent durability.

Easy Operation, Smart Interface

You can easily operate HIZERO with only TWO buttons. These buttons are highly visible and communicate HIZERO's status in an easy-to-read manner.

Built-in LEDs

Add some color. Built-in LED lights match with your shell color and also indicate HIZERO's working status.


HIZERO's head rotates to wide angles to help reach difficult, hidden corners.


Simply place HIZERO in an upright position to lock its head in a 90-degree position for easy movement around your home.

Super Saver

Compared to conventional tools, HIZERO saves 80%-90% on water, utilities, and time. It only takes 1 litre of water, 0.01kWh electricity and 8 minutes to clean a 100square metre floor area. Applying cutting-edge noise reduction technologies, HIZERO is 70% quieter than regular vacuum cleaners.


Methods of cleaning: compound cleaning, cleaning, sweeping, wipe dry, self-cleaning

Mode: automatic mode, customized mode

Battery specification: Li-Ion 19 v DC, 44Wh 4-hour fully charged session

Use time: 60-80 minutes

Clean water tank capacity: 550ml

Waste water tank capactiy: 600ml

Trash tray capacity: 600ml

Water consumption: 1 litre of water to clean 100 square meter area

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