Miele GN Value Pack

Miele GN Value Pack

The GN Value Pack contains two boxes which equals: 8 Bags, 2 motor filters, and 2 exhaust filters. The AirClean System traps over 99.9% of harmful allergens. 3D Efficiency DustBag - Improved suction, filtration, and storage capacity for optimal cleaning performance - espeically on carpets. With automatic Self-Sealing Collar - Hermetically seals to ensure hygienic bag removal & prevent dust particles from escaping into air. Dust compartment filter to maintain the high quality you expect from your Miele vacuum cleaner. AirClean filter for cleaner room air. These bags and filters fit the following models: S400i-S456i S600-S658 S800-S858 S2000-S2999 S2 S5000-S5999 S5 S8000-S8999 S8 Complete C3 Classic C1

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