Miele SUB 20 Flexible Universal Brush

Miele SUB 20 Flexible Universal Brush

Miele SUB 20 Flexible Universal Brush

The Miele Universal Brush, with its two joints, is the ideal accessory for dusting rows of books, furniture edges, baseboards etc.

With two swivel joints you can adjust the angle of the Universal Brush to reach areas that were impossible to clean before. Now you can reach on top of tall furniture, ceilings, pot lights (make sure they're cool), ceiling fans, as well as trim and baseboards.

For horizontal and vertical blinds, simply close them and give them a sweep while sucking the dust away. The Miele Flexible Universal Brush is also perfect for reaching the stubborn dust that settles in between the balusters on your stairs. With the extra long delicate fibers you can gently clean fine furniture very quickly. Use it to clean dusty books as the dust brushes will loosen the dust that settles on top. Also popular for cleaning large flat areas such as picture frames, televisions, walls, coffee tables and much more.

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