Persil Sensitive Gel 1.056L

Persil Sensitive Gel 1.056L

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Persil Sensitive High Efficiency Laundry Detergent

The all new Persil Sensitive is now better than ever with a new, dermatologically tested formula for a soft feel on the skin.  Persil Sensitive does not contain any dyes and is gentle on clothes and the environment.  A new delicate fragrance has been formulated for good skin compatibility.  Active stain dissolver for even better stain removal.  Now better than ever and better for the environment.  

Key Features:

  • Ultra concentrated.
  • Contains almond milk and aloe vera.
  • Fragrance compatible for skin allergy sufferers.
  • Active stain dissolver.
  • 1.056L
  • High efficiency.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Environmentally friendly.
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